‘Delhi Belly’ to open London Indian Film Festival

London: This second edition of the well liked London Indian Film Festival seems to have the logo bolder, bigger and beyond Bollywood. The well liked film festival will apparently be opening with the adult comedy called ‘Delhi Belly’which is Aamir Khan’s baby. The event is set to take place on the 30th of June and will end on the 12th of July. The festival is meant to celebrate the new era of the alternative Indian cinema, where film production will go past dance and song based entertainment in order to challenge, generate debate, shock and offer a more realistic view of the modern country of India.

In a recent statement, the director of the festival, none other than Cary Rajinder Sawhney said that besides presenting great movie productions from India, their goal is to also come to help these movies to be screened broadly in the cinemas of Britain. There is no secret that many Asians who live in Britain represent the large part of the viewers, but the aim is to also get into theaters the non Asian Britain and present to them “the 1.2 billion strong India of today, and cinema is a great way to do this.”

As we have mentioned, the first night of the London Indian Film Festival will be dedicated to screening of the film ‘Delhi Belly’ – which has been coproduced by UTV Motion Pictures and Aamir Khan. After this, it seems that the festival will continue to present the work of film makers of Bollywood such as Ritupamo Ghosh and Anurga Kashyap. Not to mention the fact that the well known singer and composer, none other than Raghu Dixit, will be offering a great performance right before the screening of the closing night movie called ‘Autograph’ – which will take place on the 12th of July.

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