‘Turning 30’ not such a good movie

Mumbai: The movie ‘Turning 30’ tells the story of o woman who is on edge of her 30th birthday. The main character is called Naina Singh and it is played by Gul Panag. Even though for the moment she is more than happy because she has a steady boyfriend and a good job, but pretty soon things are starting to fall apart.

First, her boyfriend is getting married with someone else and after a short while she gets fired from her job. The film tries to portrait the portrait of a modern woman. Still the fact that the main character tries to get married before her 30th birthday is not that characteristic for a modern woman.

The film also has some flaws regarding visual detailing, as most of the scenes are placed either in Naina’s apartment, her office or in a dinner. We only get to see a few scenes of the city Mumbai, which is definitely not a plus. Still the ending of the movie is good as she finds out that getting old is not so bad.

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