“Heroine” Aishawarya Fights Back

The last has not been heard of the controversies that is surrounding Aishawarya Rai and the out coming movie Heroine. She has returned the check that was given to her in respect to her starring roles in the movie. However she is now fighting back as she has sent legal notices to her adversaries in the movie which include the UTV and Madhur Bhandarkar. Nevertheless movie lovers have not ceased asking why the latest line of action.

From all indications the star actress is venting her anger on the duo for the scandal that has followed her name after she was dropped out of the movie because of her reported pregnancy. We are reliably informed that the star actress has already sent legal warning to both UTV and Bhandarkar to prevent them from using any footage of the movie that has her name. It would be recalled that before the controversies surfaced she has started playing roles in the movie she has shut for 8 days.

Sources close to the lady said that the star actress was miffed with the whole thing especially at the latest turn of events. She has been ethically and passionately concerned with her profession she would not want those things to dent her good image and reputation. That has made her to start fighting in time to start the movie director and producer from using any of the footages that had her image in the movie.

It was confirmed that the star actress had returned the money that was given to her, a development which was confirmed by the film producers.

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