127 Hours, disappointing for the crew

New Delhi: The Indian music maestro A. R. Rahman stated that the single award won by “127 Hours”, by Danny Boyle was not enough to make the team happy. In fact, the entire crew was disappointed with the outcome, as they hoped for much more when the film had just come out. Unlike “Slumdog Millionaire”, which managed to clear out all award events, “127 Hours” only won one prize.

Rahman said that the feeling he got after saying that the great success of his first film was followed by this unbelievable rip off was awkward and caused suffering to the entire team.

The Mozart of Madras, as Rahman is called for his incredible talent to compose, is satisfied with the general response and the nominations the film received from the critics and the audience. Getting nominated in itself is a great thing, and the composer is well aware of that.

The audience love the film, critics appreciated. The producers should not be so disappointed. In the end, the film brought profits and recognition.

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