Aamir Khan – Delhi Belly Is Paying Homage To Mithun Chakraborty

Aamir Khan is planning to pay a homage to India`s original disco dancer Mithun Chakraborty, in hes new film Delhi Belly ! Vir Das is planning a big surprise for everyone by dressing as Mithun  ( in Disco Dancer ) for the song Jaa Chudail ! Can anyone imagine how he will look like ? I guess not ! But there is more :  he will do some of the steps of Mithun ! For some time now, Delhi Belly has the attention of media, and i guess it will be a hit !

The script for this movie was written by Arkshat Verma who studied at University Of California, in Los Angeles.Delhi Belly will be a movie only for adults !

A source says for Bollywood.Celebden.Com that : “It’s all in fun. But it will shock Aamir’s and Imran’s fans. Aamir has always been known to be this no-nonsense guardian-like figure to Imran. And we presume that his nephew is afraid to some extent of his uncle. Therefore, to see him let off a chain of maa-behen gaalis to Aamir is quite a shock.”

What do you think about this movie ? How it will be  ? Are u going to see it ? delhi belly



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