Aarakshan Now in AP and Punjab

Aarakshan is probably the only movie that is making money at the box office and therefore there is a lot of news happening around it. The movie that highlights the situation of reservation policy in Indian states has been in controversy in various states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. This was definitely causing a lot of problem to Prakash Jha the director of the movie. However, now he can sit back and relax for sometime as the ban in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh has been lifted and the movie is released in these two states. 

Prakash Jha has been talking to the special committee that has been set up in both the states about the objectionable scenes or dialogues in the film. Prakash Jha finally was able to convince both the state government committees that there was nothing really wrong with the scenes and dialogues because the issue of reservation policy is shown from both angles and no side has been criticized or ridiculed in the movie. Both the state government committees have agreed to some minor changes and allowed the movie to be released for the audiences.

Talking about the release of his film in two of the three states he said that he is finally happy that the state government committees are releasing the movie in AP and Punjab. He also added that he is overwhelmed and thank the support of the common people who have expressed their Freedom of Expression right to watch this movie. He further said that he hopes that the movie will also get approval in Uttar Pradesh.

The Supreme Court will now hear Jha’s petition for the release of the movie in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday and Jha hopes that the Supreme Court will rule the decision in his favor and allow the release of the movie in UP which is the main territory for most of the Jha’s films.

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