Aarakshan Surrounded by Problems

Most of the hard hitting films made in Bollywood definitely go through some kind of political or public drama and Aarakshan is no exception. Prakash Jha is well known for making some hard hitting movies that are based on the real events that have happened in real India and therefore his movies are always targeted by people who do not agree with what has been shown in the movie. Prakash Jha’s earlier movie Raajneeti also got the same kind of response from the political parties because of the role of Katrina Kaif that blended too much with Sonia Gandhi’s character in reel life. However, this time Prakash Jha is aiming at the caste based reservation policy which has been in debate. aarakshan_movie_poster

Aarakshan has received lot of anger in Uttar Pradesh where the National Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission have protested against the theme of the film. They have even issued a notice to Prakash Jha that he could not promote the film in Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, Mayawati government has also denied the Aarakshan cast to promote their film in Lucknow recently. To make problems worse for Aarakshan, co-producer of Aarakshan Feroze Nadiadwala has now been sued by Sushil Gupta for defaulting on repayment of dues.

However, Prakash Jha has confirmed that the problems between Sushil Gupta and Feroze Nadiadwala will be sorted out as it was just a matter of cheque bouncing. He also confirmed that Aarakshan will be released all over India and worldwide on 12th August, 2011 as mentioned and as per schedule. He also said that he has only tried to bring out the social pathos of the society through his film and he does not favor any political or public party. Now it all depends on whether the audience approve this movie or it just fades away with time.

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