Aazaan Might Challenge Khans

Bollywood has changed a lot in the last few years. Earlier there were certain movies that received good reception, but audiences today have split into smaller groups. While some people enjoy the typical masala entertainers there are some groups that love realistic cinema which have strong scripts and some logic behind the story line. This year December is going to be a month loaded with movies that can simply blow your minds. In December it will be the clash of the titans as Shah Rukh Khan launches Ra One and Don 2, while Saif Ali Khan will be seen in Agent Vinod. aazaan

However, many experts and film trade specialists believe that there are some movies like Aazaan which might not have marketed their movie in the right sense but they are big budget movies and movies like Aazaan can ruin the reputation of all Khan movies put together. Aazaan is a spy and espionage thriller and it is one of the expensive films made this year. The action in the movie will be definitely better because lot of money has been spent on action scenes which will keep the audiences go for more.

This is certainly going to be a challenge for Khan movies as Aazaan releases before these Khan movies and audiences might feel that Ra One, Don 2, and Agent Vinod have similarities with Aazaan. Many people who have seen the sneak preview of Aazaan are extremely impressed and they think that the movie has everything to entertain the audiences. The film has been shot extensively in multiple foreign locations which means that people will get something to see like The Bourne Series. On the other hand, some trade experts believe that Aazaan can never challenge such hyped movies but if you take a quick look at history we have seen many hyped movies going down like Titanic that never saw the light again.

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