Aazaan Salutes Indian Intelligence

We all know that this Diwali and Christmas we have some really big movies coming up in the lineup. However, there is one more movie that might come in as surprise packet for the audiences and that is Aazaan. Although, the movie is not aggressively marketed all over  India as other movies like Ra One and Rockstar but the producers and directors feel that the movie script itself will bringin more people because the story talks about how Indian Intelligence people work under dangerous situations to make sure that we can sleep peacefully at night. 

Aazaan also changes the mindset of typical Bollywood movie makers and this time the enemy in the movie is China instead of the regular Pakistani terrorism. This means that certain section of the country might get bit offended that China is being dragged into controversy now. However, the team of Aazaan claims that they have done extensive research before they were writing the story and they have talked to various Indian Intelligence people as well that claim that the bigger threat comes from China and not Pakistan because China supports Pakistan silently. However, the actor also claims that the movie is not pro-Pakistan.

Sachiin also confirmed that the movie talks about how Indian Intelligence people have to work hard to gather information from dangerous people and how we blame them when they miss out and terrorist strikes in our country. He said that the action in the movie is really great and that will bring in more audiences for sure but the different story line will also keep the audiences on the edge of the seat because the story line is not the same India Pakistan tension and some patriotic songs added to it. The actor believes that with Aazaan people will know what it takes to secure a country like India.

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