Aazaan Seeks Cricket Marketing

If there is no marketing there is no success. This is one of the reasons why directors and producers are now keen on getting some marketing plans so that they can make their films successfully worldwide. Many film critics and experts believe that audiences today love to stay updated with the information about new movies that are going to launch and what these movies can offer, but if there is no information or marketing then the chances of movie doing good in movie hall is not good except for the fact that the movie has some brilliant script that can attract audiences. aazaan poster

Aazaan is one of the expensive movies that is soon going to launch soon and the producers are ready to make a huge buzz about it. Following the trends of Shah Rukh Khan, the producers of Aazaan have decided to launch the first look of the movie during the opening of India England ODI series. One of the sources said that the producers have realized that one day international series is a great way to promote the movie internationally because there are many people in the stadium and million others watching the same telecast on TV. Although, doing such kind of promotion for movie is expensive but they would certainly get back their money when people flock to movie halls.

Aazaan is certainly among the most expensive thrillers made in Bollywood and therefore the producers are not taking any chances here. They have already spent many millions on the shooting of the movie in France, Morocco, Poland, South Africa, China, Germany and Thailand and many other locations. Although, the movie does not have some well known Bollywood superstars but it still claims to hold the audiences because of its espionage plot that has many twist and turns as the movie progresses. The producers of movies are now praying for the best.

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