Ab Tak Chhappan Once Again

There are some movies that might not have grand starcast but they work well with audience because they have great script and better performances from actors that can deliver above expectations. In 2004, Ram Gopal Verma produced Ab Tak Chhappan which was directed by Shimit Amin and it went on to be the best crime thriller movie of the year. Although, the movie had no songs the rock solid performance by Nana Patekar and other actors made up for the audience. 

Ram Gopal Verma who is currently busy directing Department has now announced that he will soon work on the sequel of Ab Tak Chhappan as he has got the right script that can take the story ahead from it ended in the 2004 version. The movie revolves around the life of encounter specialist Sadhu Agashe who works for Mumbai Encounter Squad but soon his life get entangled in the web of deceit and power. The movie shows Sadhu taking over Zameer towards the end and informs ex-joint Commissioner Pradhan that he would keep eliminating crime even when he is not a cop. The new movie will take off from the same shot and make it interesting for the audiences.

To make it look like a sequel, Ram Gopal Verma decided to drive to Pune where he met Nana Patekar and convinced him to do the sequel and after reading the script Nana has agreed to do the film. Ram Gopal Verma also said that he will approach all the earlier team members and casting members to do the film so that all the original characters can be retain in the film. However, the movie will take some time to shape because at present RGV is too busy handling Department which also is a crime thriller. The news of Ab Tak Chhappan sequel has definitely excited the audiences who loved the earlier version.

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