Abhishek Sharma promises new comedy

The director Abhishek Sharma, who recorded an outstanding response to the first film he directed, “Tere Bin Laden”, is now getting ready for a new film. The director promises his not few fans a new comedy, which they will surely love. However, this time it will not be a satire. He stated he is into the genre of comedy as a director and that he will probably be working on other types of films too rarely. He even joked about it, saying that he is addicted to comedy, as it gives a response like no other film genre.

The 32 years old director is very excited about his new project, although he is not completely sure what it will be like. He blames his attraction to comedies on his sense of humor, which he will be exploiting more in his future films.

“Tere Bin Laden” is centered on a reporter who wants to leave for America, but is not awarded a visa. Stuck in Karachi, he has no other option but to work for a small news channel. The reporter meets a farmer who resembles greatly Osama bin Laden.

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