Agneepath (2012) Movie Review – Details

Movie Title – Agneepath

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Star Cast – Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra,  Rishi Kapoor

Director – Karan Malhotra

Producer – Karan Johar

Music Director – Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale

Lyrics – Amitabh Bhattacharya

Genre – Action Drama

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Remakes of the brand movies, though the trend has been dolled up since the outset, has now turned a formulaic fashion in the Hindi film industry. And it is often witnessed that the majority of the remakes of the classics and the blockbusters have turned successful at the box office. Nonetheless there are notions which go against the remakes. The question is … if the remakes do well and get popular among the audiences and most importantly if they try to be different or slightly different injecting the dose of contemporary elements, then there is no harm at all to churn out them for the entertainment of the movie lovers who always seek something catchy and worthwhile to watch.

Often the stars, who are roped into the remakes, are found saying that there is no comparison with the original character. Well, to some extent or as far as their acting is concerned, their claim seems to be okay. But the fact remains that you cannot change the audiences’ minds who have already watched the original brand. So when they hit the theater’s space, they carry along the flashes of those characters along. Result: the comparisons happen! Thus it becomes the stars’ responsibility to satisfy the viewers and help them forget the comparisons with their extra dose of well-delivered performance.

Karam Johar’s Agneepath is the remake of the 90s hit with the same titled in which Amitabh Bachchan had played the main character of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. The film brought National Award for Mr. Bachchan in return to his classy performance in the movie. The film was produced by Karan’s father Yash Johar. Twenty two years later, the son took the command to remake father’s hit with the debutante director Karan Malhotra, who makes the current Agneepath as per the taste of the today’s audience to dish out to the viewers to get entertained with. Malhotra puts new additions to the script to make it slightly different from the original like he introduced the new negative character of Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor). But the main plot is same – the revenge saga.

Debutante Karan’s execution further makes the product contemporary for the audiences who view it as if they are watching a new flick. That’s the beauty and the skill of the director. Hrithik Roshan slips into the strapping character of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan played by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan twenty two years back. The all time favorite dialogue ‘Naam Vijay Chauhan…Baap Ka Naam Dinanath Chauhan’ is the one that had made the flick to super heights in 90s and the same dialogue is going to do something super lucrative for Karan Johar’s product.

Karan Malhotra’s Agneepath has all – action, vengeance, drama, emotions and entertainment. You are rest assured to enjoy the ride with one package that is what the first time director confers his viewers with.  Karan shows his class on the celluloid. Since the director knew that the viewers would make the comparisons, he gave the fresh touch to each character in style and other things. He proves that he is a great storyteller. From his job of direction, it cannot be figured out that he is a debutante in the field.

Agneepath talks about a tiny village called Mandwa where the principled father Dinnaanth (Chetan Pandit) teaches his son Vijay Dinnanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) all about the fire (Agneepath). The happy life of the Dinnanath family gets ruined and Vijay is smashed when the drug dealer of the area Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) murders Vijay’s father. His mother (Zarina Wahab) is pregnant. Vijay and his mother leave the place and arrives in Mumbai where he bumps into the gang lord Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor). Rauf becomes the Godfather of the little Vijay Chauhan. Here starts his journey of revenge, which he has in his heart for Kancha, and in the process he gets the supporting hand of his love interest Kali (Priyanka Chopra). Vijay moors the belts to head to Mandwa fifteen years later to seek vengeance.

Agneepath’s power lies in the mastery skill of the director and the script writers they do not let the film loss its flavor. There is hardly any moment where the movie falls flat or runs short of content. The sequences between Vijay and Kancha are what simply capture the whole attention of the viewers. The drama in the movie, where many first time directors even the established directors shake, is well handled by Karan Malhotra.

Karan Malhotra has done his job with finesse and class. He surely has a good scope in the days to come and many big budgeted films will wait him for sure. Even Karan Johar will certainly offer him many projects to do. The action sequences by Abbas Ali Mogul need and deserve special applauds. The viewers who love action movies will find this product superb to satisfy their thirst. The audiences simply enjoy every sequence and every scene was entertained with big noise. The action sequence in the finale loots the viewers’ hearts.

Ajay-Atul’s music is splendid though there is hardly any song which turned chartbuster except Chikni Chameli but they all are listenable and mellifluous. Chikini Chameli, which is picturised on Katrina Kaif, has been doing supremely on all channels. The item song has surely added many sparkles to film’s worth. Katrina looks damn sexy and gorgeous in the song. It was created for the movie’s hype and it did wonders. The background score has also been done by the duo Ajay-Atul and it is superb. Screenplay by Ila Bedi Datta and Karan Malhotra is a masterpiece carries no flaws at all. Dialogues by Piyush Mishra are splendid. Cinematography done by Kiran Deohans and Ravi K. Chandran is a class in itself.

Hrithik Roshan has done wonderful job with the iconic character of Vijay Dinnanath Chauhan with such brilliance that the viewer claps with praise. He does full justice to Amitabh’s character. Sanjay Dutt as Kancha is magnificent. His negative role surpasses his previous negative roles he did in Khal Nayak and Vaastav. He allures the hearts and souls. Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Dutt will surely be nominated for Best Actor and Best Villain’s categories in the awards functions to come. And Karan Johar’s movie too will find its space in the nomination of Best Movie.  Rishi Kapoor impresses with his role. He has done the role, which he has never attempted in his career. Priyanka Chopra is great to watch. Zarina Wahab is good. Rest of the cast too is brilliant.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Agneepath is sure to be a big hit. The film will witness bigger collections at the box office with magnificent direction, powerful script and brilliant performances.  A MUST WATCH!


Review By  Mukul Kumar Sharma

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

There are very few people who does not remember the ‘Angry Young Man – Amitabh Bachchan’ from the movie ‘Agneepath’ in 1990. The movie then produced under the banner of Dharma Production is again filmed in the same name by Karan Johar by his Dharma Production now. This version of the movie is a tribute to both the previous movie and Karan Johar’s father who then produced the first ‘Agneepath’. The movie now is all action packed powerful drama which has attracted much popularity even before release.  The characters were already powerful ones in the previous movie as the leading character ‘Vijay Deenanath Chauhan’ played by ‘Amitabh bachchan’ and the drug lord evil ‘Kancha Cheena’ played by ‘Danny Denzongpa’. These characters are kept unchanged except the cast in the present day version and they are made more valiant to suit present day viewer’s choice.

The movie is about revenge that ‘Vijay Deenanath Chauhan’, now played by ‘Hrithik Roshan’ has to take upon the evil drug dealer ‘Kancha Cheena’ now played by ‘Sanjay Dutt’ as the villain kills his father ‘Chetan Pandit’ by hanging him alive. Vijay leaves the village of Mandwa after the incident and goes to the city. He joins the gang of ‘Rauf Lala’, a new character in the negative role added in this movie to increase the ‘boom factor’ of the movie. This negative role is played by remarkable ‘Rishi Kapoor’ in this movie who adds more explosions to the movie and makes it an interesting watch and glues the viewer to the seat. Vijay, after joining the gang of Rauf Lala prepares himself slowly but steadily to take his revenge from the evil ‘Kancha Cheena’ (Sanjay Dutt) and then one day he returns to his village. The rest of the story is the main attraction for the viewers. Priyanka Chopra who plays the role of a friend of Hrithik named as ‘Kaali’ plays a steady role of staying with Vijay all the time as his helping hand and support.

The catching points of the movie are the superb music by Ajay-Atul with mind blowing tracks like Deva Shree Ganesha and the item number Chikni Chameli which has rocked the nation already with its awesome music and much more awesome performance by the latest sensation Katrina Kaif. Action movie calls for great action sequences and ‘Agneepath’ is no less as action is directed by Abbas Ali Moghul. Ravi K Chandran on camera has done a great job and the startling dialogue by Piyush Mishra impresses the viewer.

The stars have dedicatedly acted in the movie with Sanjay going bald to get the real feel of a villain with a silver ring on top of his ear. Hrithik has worked hard for shaping his physique. The powerful role of these two megastars is the most entertaining part of the movie. The director is Karan Johar’s former assistant Karan Malhotra and has done a great job. Except a few changes the streamline of the story is kept same. The role of Krishnan Iyer MA previously done by Mithun Chakravarty is completely removed in the present version of the movie. In short, the movie is a great action based entertaining package.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

This is one movie which you don’t want to miss. Agneepath is sure to live up to your expectations and I must say much better made and executed than the original Amitabh Bachchan Version.

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  1. Crist Rajan says:

    Am a huge fan of hrithik waiting for the movie to hit the screen… :)

  2. santosh kumar yadav says:

    hritik is one and only super hero in bollywood

    1. Shabbirmarur says:

      hirthik good acting, but movie bakwas!

  3. Santoshkumaryadav50 says:

    hritik is one and only super hero in bollywood

  4. Reliableme_123 says:

    very boring movie. the biggest flop of the year :( sorry to say but thts true… wasted my money n time :(

  5. Rketan86 says:


  6. Sanjujumani47 says:

    awesome movie

  7. Sanjujumani47 says:


  8. Ashish says:


  9. pramod kumar bohra says:

    faduuuuuuuuuu baap moveiiii very nice sanju baba and rishi daa……….

  10. Himanshu Vora says:

    Seriously? 4.5? Looks like you were paid by the producers to write this review. I thought I wasted my time and money. Why? Check

    1. Maitysaumik says:

      fuck ur own mom

  11. raaj.raaj45 says:

    bakwasssssss………yes second half………….

    1. Sanjujumani47 says:

      hehe kya bakwas?

  12. raaj.raaj45 says:

    i like……….sanju nd hrtk………

    but i dnt like …mov

  13. sankalpa says:

    Best Movie i saw personally after Vaastav……..4.5 ratings from my side specially to sanju baba and hrithik….

  14. Bimal says:

    awesome movie we sud not miss it.

  15. Gauravkumar says:

    very nice movie

  16. Siddiano says:

    Movie is not at all except some dialouges and Priyanka Chopra’s Acting ……. Farhan Akhtar would have made it up to exception ………. BUT no actor can match Amitabh Bachhan’s role as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

  17. Santasil Mallik says:

    AWESOME movie…

    solid action…!
    Fultoo paisa vasool

  18. Hariharan Dch says:


    Movie story line was same from the original but director knew how to mold accordingly. Performance were extravagant.  it will draw audience to watch again and again. 

  19. Viru 1944 says:

    sanju baba…. what a acting yaar….

    1. Indradodia says:

      ya watched agneepath..sanjubaba was in full flow in the movie..He has played his completely dark character with full conviction..Agneepath has brought cold blooded,scary and evil villain of all time in bollywood.Hrithik is stunning,rishiji is surprise package and priyanka is also good

  20. Klasnvlanv says:


  21. Nsawant12 says:

    Hritick Rocks. I saw the movie and people were whistelinh applauding on Hritick ‘s fight..Hritik is angry hero now….Wow…..what a pain in your eyes….you emote so well with your eyes…Hritik is superb in the movie…villian acted good too…but Vijay dinanath you are superb… This is a block buster I am gonna watch it one more time..again with my whole family n then friends n then cousin n then relatives…..yahoooo….wo w agneepath agneepath agneepath

  22. Creative644 says:

    very very bad movies hrithik sucks only two shirts in full movies

  23. Creative644 says:

    !st half rishi kapoor 2nd half sanjay dutt why take hrithik  save money karan

  24. Perars11 says:

    I don’t know how people analyse the movies. Certainly this movie is not the one to watch. I will say if u have nothing to do and need to take timeout in a theater, then only watch movie. Most of the scenes are shooted in dark like always done in Hollywood movie like 300.  Hrithik doesn’t find himself comfortable in an angry young man role. No link up between scenes. Movie looks to be incomplete. Please never make remake such bollywood maestro.

  25. Veroni says:

     I just saw da movie at Wave Cinemas booked my tickets in advance it was full on faaadu movie sanju baba looking very scary nd acted very well nd priyanka was also good this movie is rocking plz watch it !!! Good to da cast nd crew of agneepath

  26. Mohsin2003pk says:

    Brillent movie Good looking Hrithick Roshan well done

  27. Thekingsaurav says:

    i luvd it

  28. Farhathullah876 says:

    i am going watch movie but i have to see only hrithik roshan 

  29. Farhathullah876 says:

    i do not like this name agneepath 

  30. Shekharpatil1983 says:

    zakas with zabardast acting of sanju baba and rishi.


  31. Sana says:

    i love the movie so much ..i watched two ..hrithik and priyanka looking sizzling together..a must watch movie! and hats of to sanjay dutt playing kancha…

  32. Suhasini says:

    finally watched it.wat a movie.every1 should watch it many times.hrithik,sanju,rishi deserve the highest praises for their mind-blasting acting.hrithik’s eyes n body are to die the movie.i’m going to watch it again.

  33. Sunil Chada says:

    all time film industry record .hrithik career no 1 film.i am happy to this action film.

  34. Sreeram says:

    a superb movie and one of my favourites

  35. Kirankarthik89 says:

     Disappointing film…..though iam a hrithik fan.
    Damn Story….not good direction…….not an entertainer….

    wt happened ti Hindi movies !!!!!!…. y the standard of hindi movies are going down

    poor film……saw agneepath with much excitement…..Disappointed, disappointed…disappointed……..Directors must learn to direct well

    No good script writer left in Hindi Industry……poor film…

  36. Kirankarthik89 says:

     Disappointing film…..though iam a hrithik fan.

    Damn Story….not good direction…….not an entertainer….

    wt happened ti Hindi movies !!!!!!…. y the standard of hindi movies are going down

    poor film……saw agneepath with much excitement…..Disappointed,
    disappointed…disappointed……..Directors must learn to direct well

    No good script writer left in Hindi Industry……poor film…

  37. Adiel says:

    I am rather disappointed, the original was a masterpiece, the dialogues, background music, direction, acting were all top notch, but this movie although started well but then looks like the director lost interest, random pieces sewn together, but not much substance.
    The scene in original agneepath where amitbah’s sister is kidnapped was a remarkable scene but in this movie it was just not good enough. Same with the final fight and climax, it was really not up to the level of the original movie.
    But it was better than most of the crap masala movies being released again and again.

  38. asha says:

    no doubt it’a an awesome movie this is hrithik’s best movie ever. But sanjay dutt also did a great job and if we talk about the old agneepath it was a good movie too but i dint  like amitabh bachchan’s work in that movie i dont know what kind of voice he was trying to produce i didnt like it in this movie hrithik has his own style he didnt try to copy amitabh bachchan thank god hrithik did an awesome job i know it’s gonna be a big hit and hrithik u rock i love u a lot muuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a long kiss for a long handsome guy.

  39. kk says:


  40. Jay says:

    Kachra Film hai, throw it in dust bin, it’s no where even close to the Original Agneepath. Are these review writers getting money or favors from the film maker? Then why are praising the film? Such a waste of time. Guys don’t watch it, it’s a bakwaas movie.

  41. Blogs9000 says:

     here we can download racha movie songs free. Manisharama is the music director of racha movie and Sampath nandi is the director for the racha. producer is N.V.Prasad.

  42. Getz_deg says:

    horrible horrible movie.cant be compared to original agneepath in a billion years.really really sucks

  43. ViralPithva says:

    Very good acction movie wah yarr kya bat he sanju baba

  44. Ashokkumar says:

    i’m frm chennai i’ve seen quite a few hindi movies this one is among the best hindi movies i have ever seen great performance by sanjay dutt and hrithick……..i can’t get it out of my mind for 2 days simply because of their performance

  45. shubham says:

    buddy listen r u out of your mind or what?….do u even know what xactly the meaning of acting is?what have u told?m amitabh’s fan but hritik was much better

  46. Katie Ritter says:

    I Just watched Agneepath at It’s free and in pretty good quality. Check it out!

  47. Swastik_mishra says:

    I bet that it will take filmfare award this time.

  48. Rkhan says:

    this is a waste of 3 hrs. no story and fucked up ending

  49. Rkhan says:

    this is a waste of 3 hrs. no story and fucked up ending

  50. Taka says:

    shitty movie. however, katrina look amazing and she danced welll got the point… 

  51. Taka says:

    shitty movie. however, katrina look amazing and she danced welll got the point…