Agneepath in controversy

There seem to be lot of controversy over the recent release of the film “Agneepath”. The epicentre of the controversy is regarding a song named “O Sayian”. “Agneepath’ was released today but Dharma Productions and Karan Johar was at the district court of Nagpur regarding the copyright issues with the court.

Aditya Salankar, a civil engineer and a musician by profession has claimed that Dharma productions have actually used his song without giving him any due credit for the song. Not only that, Dharma Production has not even secured his permission that they would be using the song for the movie. Aditya Salankar has also approached the court for an order from the court claiming that the song should be deleted the song from the film and also from the music CD’s before its release.

However Karan Johar has remarked that the movie “Agneepath” with release on the predetermined date of January 26. However there will be no omissions or any kind of deletions . Karan added that the Nagpur court has granted ex-parte injunction and the makers of the movie believe that there is nothing in the movie that violates the copyright.

However the lawyer for Aditya Salankar has claimed that the court has passed an order that only the last three lines of the song “O Saiyan” can be kept and the others are to be deleted from the song and the makers o the movie has been ordered to pay a sum of Rs 25 lakhs on the court before Monday. Apart from that Sony music has also been directed to provide accounts regarding the sale of music CD’s of the film.

On the other hand, Salankar seem to be pleased with the outcome of the court order and have expressed his happiness over the decision taking by the court. Salankar added that the court has issued orders and even marked the three lines that are to be used for the film.

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