Ahana Deol now wants to play a role in “Tell Me Oh Khuda”

Mumbai: “Tell Me Oh Khuda” is getting ready to be launched, as Esha Deol is working very hard to see that happening. Even so, Ahana Deol does not quit. She seems more than interested in the idea of starring in the forthcoming film of Vikramaditya Motwane.

Motwane’s directorial debut was with the film “Udaan”, produced by Anurag Kashyap. There are rumors saying that the producer will be involved in the making of “Tell Me Oh Khuda”, as well.

A close friend informs the press about the wishes of Ahana. It seems that the actress is very close to the director, Vikramaditya and his wife. The actress is now reading the script, and seems to have already accepted, in principal, to do the role.

The director himself gave a statement to the media. Motwane says that he would like Ahana to be on board of his film, and that he has chosen her because of her face, which he finds very interesting.

In the past year, Ahana has tried it all: directing, stocking garments, gourmet products, painting and photography. Hope she finally finds her place.

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