Aishwarya in ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’

Mumbai: According to the director of SRK’s production ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’, Roshan Abbas, “Aishwarya will make you fall in love with her.” Well, it is not the actress Ash Bachchan, but the beautiful actress Giselli Monteiro, who will be playing the part of a young woman called Aishwarya in the movie production. In the past, Giselle was been seen in the film ‘Love Aaj Kal’ where she played the part of Harleen Kaur and even though she has limited knowledge of Hindi she still managed to get this part in ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’.

Referring to her Hindi, the director Abbas said, “It was a problem. She said if you change the lines I don’t know what I will do. Don’t change the lines and give me the script in advance. She had practiced her Hindi a lot. She trained under a teacher to get the dialogues perfectly.”

“The youthful music and the freshness of the film is surely its USP,” added the director of the movie production. “I had done quite a few shows with Shah Rukh (Khan) and while doing the shows, I suggested that the play be turned into a movie. He agreed. I have cast fresh faces because I wanted to make stars than getting stars to act in my movie.”
When talking about the meaning of the title of the movie production, Abbas said that “Today’s teens think many things at one time. They always want to do them but only kabhi kabhi (sometimes) do them. They are always in love but kabhi kabhi they fight. The essence of the title and the movie is ‘kabhi kabhi jo dil kahe always wahi karein’ (always do what the heart says sometimes).”

Besides Giselli Monteiro, we will also get to seen in the film Zoa Morani, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey.

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