Ajay and Kajol don’t agree on scripts

In their family home, Ajay Devgn and Kajol seem to be the perfect couple, envied by all the other couples in Bollywood for their ways of understanding each other and work together. This may be true, but only in the privacy of their home.

When it comes to the film industry, the two love birds don’t always see eye to eye. Kajol made a confession, and stated that they hardly ever agree when it comes to scripts. There were only very few films they both agreed on since they’ve known each other. This is the reason why the two are almost never seen together on screen, though the public would really enjoy it.

Whenever Ajay finds a script he thinks is good, she reads it and ends up thinking it’s boring and that it simply doesn’t work for her. Their last film together was in 2007, when Ajay made his debut as a director with the film “U ME aur Hum”.

The two are otherwise very happy together, and have two children.

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