Akshay’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2’ on schedule

It seems that the makers of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2 have set their minds on an early August 2012 release. The revelation however comes as a surprise for many coz the lead actor Akshay Kumar doesn’t seem to have shot a single day on the specific project so far. The makers on the other hand seem quite confident that they can keep up their schedule

None seem to be able to specify whether these dates are doable however people close to Ekta Kapoor and Milan Luthria claim that both the producer and the director are happy with the progress so far.

It seems that the duo are preoccupied with giving final finishing touches to ‘The Dirty Picture’ and the moment they are done with its release heart and soul will be put together for the making of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2. Sources close to the makers also say that they feel no reason to panic at all coz everything is happening as per plan. The work in progress right now is finalization of the films script and looking out for a actor who will have to shoot in parallel with Akshay Kumar. It seems the lead actor is also super excited to work on this new project at hand.

There were quite a few speculations whether ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ will be able to go for an August release.  Akshay simply had too many films lined up for release that time of the year and many thought it would be impossible to dedicate more time to ‘OUATIM 2’. Movies like ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Houseful 2’ have a close release date to August and thus the speculations. However it is now quite clear that an August 2012 release is quite possible.

Another source close to Akshay claims that the super-talented actor only takes a bare minimum of 50-70 days to complete any film. The best part being that almost all of the crew of ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’ is the same and they will simply move on from one film to another.

These facts put together are giving Milan a fresh breather. The movie is without a doubt the most awaited sequel of the next year and Balaji seems to be working on the post production of ‘The Dirty Picture’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2’ together.

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