Akshay got hit by Katrina

The shootings for the film “Tees Maar Kahn” ended well, with all the actors satisfied with their performances and content because of their collaboration. Well, maybe it wasn’t really like this. Not for Akshay Kumar, at least.

The leading actor got injured quite badly, after Katrina Kaif, leading actress in the film, had hit him hard. It was not intentional, though. The incident happened during the shootings for a song the two were to sing together. That’s when Katrina hit Akki pretty bad with her elbow.

During the song “Bade Dilwala”, Katrina got very concentrated in dancing, to get the choreography in order, and she just did not realize Akshay was there. For two hours, the producers had to stall the shooting, as Akshay was in terrible pain and could not continue.

“Tees Maar Khan” is in all the headlines these days, as the film is ready to be released, and the actors and producers together are working hard to promote it. Katrina’s hot number, the number of Akshay, Katrina and Salman, and Farah Khan’s cast are expected to bring a great audience.

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