Akshay Kumar adopts serious role in Patiala House

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar is getting ready for dramatic roles. In the film “Patiala House”, we will be seeing the actor in the role of a Sikh guy, who finds himself trapped in the patriarchal family system. The actor stated that he took up the offer because it was something different, the opposite of his real life. It also brought a small advantage, as the actor was considering a change in the image of a funny actor he gained in time.

The decision to do a serious role came after three year, during which the actor had only roles in comedies. “Namastey London” was the last film in which we were able to see a serious Akshay Kumar. Now, the actor really needed a twist in his career.

The 43 year old actor enjoyed very much playing the role, as he felt that he was playing a real person passing through life. He felt he was not simply playing a role, and that is was a ‘culmination of the lives of common people’.

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