Akshay Kumar to play a marriage counselor in Thank You

Yes you heard it right! Akshay Kumar, the compulsive on screen flirt, will be playing the role of a marriage counselor in Anees Bazmi’s Thank You where he provides support to those wives whose husbands are cheating on them.

Akshay Kumar has been known to play a casanova and a flirt in his movies and the role of a marriage counselor seems very unusual but according to those who have seen him play the role he has done an excellent job. Even Akshay was a bit surprised when he was asked by Anees to play the role of Raj who helps out women whose husbands have been cheating on them. But he was convinced by

the amount of confidence held by Anees Bazmee in him and he agreed to play the role.

According to the source, Akshay is hated by all men and love by all women in the movie as he can identify and tell the signs in case a guy is cheating on his wife. He even gives ideas to the wives in order to catch their husband red handed without creating any

suspicion before.

Going by the sings this movie has all the signs of being loved by the masses as it prepares for its release.


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