Akshay – superhero inspired by Hanuman

Mumbai: Seeing the success that Ajay Devgn and the King SRK are enjoying their success as superheroes, Akshay felt left behind and did not want to settle for anything less. So we will soon be seeing Akshay as a traditional superhero, which can be identified with our own culture, according to the actor himself. He has made this promise to his son, Aarav, who is dying to see his father save the world.

According to a reliable source, Akshay will be playing in a mythological-cum-fantasy film, directed by Nikhil Advani. The director did not want to comment on the matter, saying only that he will be casting Akshay in the role of a full-on hero, as he is the person that ‘kids look up to as a protector’, having superhero material.

The actor wants to be different than Superman, Batman or Spiderman, famous comic book turned film characters. His superhero will be original, and will be more inspired by the Hindu mythology. Most likely, Akshay’s character will be based on Hanuman.

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