Allu Arjun works with his father to create Badrinaath

For years, Allu Arjun has played as a hero and thus has earned him the status of being one.  However, he wasn’t like the role he portraying in the movies since it is quite opposite, the actor is humble in his actual life.  The latter lately ended his bachelor days to being a new life with her love one.


When he was asked about his new life, he answer that everything is great.  He and his wife is now in Bangalore and is planning to spend some more time together there.

Although his five foremost movies becomes a hit, the movies Varudu, Vedam and Arya 2 didn’t got lucky to earn a lot of money.  Some people believe that his hopes lie in his Badrinaath movie since it is produce under their own production.  Right now it is known as one of the most expensive movie ever so there is a high hope that this one will really sell.


Additionally, the film is his tenth film and this means something to him.  His father Allu Aravin, is the producer of the movie.  In the story, he is an Indian Samurai.


Before doing the film, he has to go to Vietnam to have some lesson about being a samurai thus learning the arts of Vietnam Sword-Fighting’.  There, he practiced for 60 days in cold weather constantly.  He had given his 100 percent in the movie that he hasn’t signed any movie contract as he wants to concentrate on his current movie.


Because of the fact that the production company is the same one that produces the movie Magadheera.  They are expecting that people would be comparing the two films.  The actor doesn’t reject the fact that the two movies have similarities.


However, he noted that there could only be one Magadheera.  Comparing it with the other one is not fair on the side of the people who have created both films.


This is not the first time that the actor has visit Bangalore since he already has some close association with the City.  He then revealed that he have been vacationing in that city for more than 15 years.


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