Always Kabhi Kabhi proves to be a disaster

Kabbi Kabbi is a recently released Bollywood film. It is a Hindi romantic film which was directed by Rushan Abbas. It was produced by Gauri Khan. The key actors include the first time actor Ali Fazal and other notable names in the Indian movie industry such as Giseli Monteiro, lilette Dubey, Vijay Raaz, among some other names in the industry.

This is another interesting movie produced in India, those who are in love with this movie said that it is as bad as the name is. The first half of the movie was dull while the second part was full of action and very interesting.

The story line was about a popular school that is known as St Marks. The school was set to make names as best among the schools and most of the students there are bright teenagers who want to make the best out of the academic career. However apart from the pursuit for academic excellence other activities take place in the school. The school was not just for love there are other things which the students are also up to and it includes the crazy for romantic love.

The school is a place where everybody is growing up and they are therefore in a hurry to move to the next level. The major characters in the movie acted their roles and their destinies have to take them to different positions in life.



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