Amitabh – Raveena – Hema love triangle

Mumbai: In a new and highly awaited Bollywood film, Amitabh Bachchan will play an exciting role, when he will be romancing the actress Raveena Tandon. We are, of course, talking about the latest film of Puri Jagannath, entitled “Buddha”.

Things will be getting interesting as the character that Amitabh plays in the film is not quite single. Hema Malini, known as the dream girl of Bollywood, will play the role of Amitabh’s wife in the film. It is not her first film with the actor. They also shared the screen in “Sholay”, “Satte Pe Satta”, “Baabul” and “Baghban”.

Amitabh’s character, married to the character interpreted by Hema, is truly in love with the character portrayed by Raveena, so the film is expected to shock a couple of viewers, and keep some others on the edge of their seats. Big B is happy to have the opportunity to show the world that his heart is still young, even if it is only in a film. He will also be seen with a change of look, dressed in donning funky cloths.

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