Amole Gupte focusing on Senior Citizens

Bollywood is known for plagiarism from Hollywood and other movies but there are some directors and story writers who believe in coming up with something original and something that can change the way we live in our society and our thinking values. Amole Gupte got a great response when he directed Taare Zameen Par and focused on the problems of child education and how society can tackle such problems instead of ignoring it and making situations worse for the kids. Soon after that, Amole Gupte launched his another movie called Stanley Ka Dabba that won international acclaim at Schlingel IFF and provided his son Partho Best Actor Award. 

Now, Amole Gupte is turning the tables and he has decided that he will focus on other scripts that do not deal with kids. Hence, is making a film that focuses on senior citizens. Recently, Amole Gupte said that he is making a new film now which highlights the relationships between men from different generations. Hence, he is already looking for actors that belong to different generations. He further said that the script is about a relationship between a grandfather, father and grandson and how they behave when they are in certain situation.

The director said that he wanted to try something different this time but at the same time he want to show certain changes that has happened in the Indian society. He elaborated that Indians normally laugh at the West for their double standards but today Indian society is gradually becoming like West. On the other hand, this movie will be completely different from the earlier two movies directed by him. Talking about his actors, he said that he will have the same actors in the movie and Partho will do the cameo role since audiences liked him the earlier movie.

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