An overview of Pyar ka panchnama

The movie Pyar Ka Panchnama is based on a story that has love as a catalyst of life changing every aspects for its characters. Starring in the movie is known names in movie industry in India and they include Karthik, Raayo, Divyendu, Nushrat, Sonalli and Ishita. Three of these principal characters are bachelors and the names they used in the movie are Rajat, Liquid and Tiwari. The story in the movie was written and directed by another popular name in film industry in India that is Luv Ranjan. The producer of the movie was Abhishek Pathak.

The movie tells the true story of love. It shows that love is not full of roses as many men who will see other men walking along on the street with women may think. There is another side to love, love can actually be beautiful, it can also be blissful and it can equally be disastrous.

There have been many movies in the past that tries to try to bring out the good and bad aspects of love but none had depicted the womankind in an ugly manner like this movie Pyar Ka Panchnama. Since one has started watching movies in India this movie can only measure up in their venom to womenfolk with Dil Tho Bachcha Hai Ji. This was another movie that was produced in past that painted womanhood in bad light. What appear to be differences between the two are the personalities involved and the ages of these personalities. In the movie by Ranjan the bachelors where in their twenties while in the other movie the men involved were in there their thirties to forties. The end of both movies was too harsh on the womankind. It can be said that the end of Panchnama was a disaster to the woman.

Many cinema goers would see the movie in another way. Some may see it as the movie that cast the worst aspersion on womanhood. Some women and feminist group may see that movie annoying and provocative. However nobody should be in a hurry to condemn or cajole the movie. It is good at least to understand the motive because the story writer may be speaking the true life experience of his or he may be telling what he has observed. To understand the picture that Ranjan is trying to paint in the movie it is necessary to have a review and reflection of the storyline as shown in the movie.

The story was about three different bachelors that were searching for a fulfillment of life outside the unsatisfactory jobs they engage in. They decided to take to real life of love with women. Soon the three falls in love with three different girls and the outcome was a disastrous.

One of the major characters in the movie was Rajat who is softie by appearance and character. He falls in love to a lady Neha. The two become entangled with love. The other character Liquid had more abrasive character than the other two. All his attempts to attract girls ended in his being abused. He was often used and dumped by the ladies that come across his way. The final character among the three bachelors was Tiwari he is the most gentle among all the three characters. He falls in love to woman who has another notion of what relationship should be about. The woman he loved was not ready for any commitment. She wants all the pleasures of life and was extremely selfish and was not ready to sacrifice anything. She was unfaithful while her relationship with her ex boy friend continued. They soon realized at the end of the day that they were incompatible.

From the way the story ended it is clear that the writer depicted the women in horrible character. He painted the three bachelors as victims of unwholesome attitude of women. The storyline is entertaining especially for starters.

The three principal actors in the movie are three men and they acted perfectly. They made the movie very interesting and entertaining till the end in the manner they acted out their various roles. The women likewise played out their roles convincingly despite the mono dimensional roles which they were assigned in the film.

The story in the movie is all about the intricacies of love which one cannot fully understand until he gets into it. Love has different aspect to it. While it is sweet, and beautiful it can also sting. The three bachelors that are depicted in this movie that is Rajat, liquid, and Chaudhary have hard doses of it. The three young men try to look for fulfillment after engaging in unfulfilling jobs. They try to see if they can take solace in womenfolk to get the joy and the satisfaction that the job cannot give to them. They were all disappointed in the end.


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