Anil Kapoor: ‘We should start work on “Mr. India” sequel’

New Delhi: Anil Kapoor is not quite pleased to hear all that talk going around about the alleged sequel to the major hit film “Mr. India”, a sci-fi from 1987. The actor gets pretty irritated whenever he hears people discussing and making hopes about the project.

On one occasion, the actor even remarked that those talking about the sequel should stop talking and do the project themselves. Anil Kapoor stated for IANS that there is no project at the time being, it is completely blank. There is nothing to be discussed at the moment, he says, and that the only thing to be done right now to start working at the sequel.

The film is to be produced by Boney Kapoor. The second part of the film “Mr. India” will be shot in 3D, and Anil got the role of ArunVerma, the same role he had in the original movie in 1987. He will star next to Sridevi, who will reprise her role as Seema Sohni. The rumors say that Salman Khan will be a villain in the film.

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