Arshad Warsi excited about ‘Ishqiya 2’

Mumbai: Even though Arshad Warsi has worked on several film sequels he finds them to be rather risky, he is more than excited about the sequel of the movie ‘Ishqiya’ as he find this part to be rather challenging. In a recent interview the actor said that finally the sequel of the film in question has been decided and it will be made soon. “I’m quite happy about that,” said the Bollywood actor who believes that this movie is a lot tougher than ‘Golmaal’ or ‘Dhamaal’ due to the fact that this is a character who talks in a different dialect.

The super star wanted to add that “It’s completely somebody else. I’ve not played such a character before. So speaking in that language, behaving that way, body language, color and attitude – everything is very different. So, it’s exciting and a lot of fun.” It seems that the film will go on floors before the end of this year.

Even though he has not received the script yet, he was informed that it is rather good, plus Arshad has a lot of faith in both Vishal and Abhishek. The film in question, ‘Isqiya’ was released in 2010 and has won four National Awards. The cast list also includes Vidya Balan and Naseeruddin Shah. The director of the flick was Abhishek Chaubey and the producer Vishal Bhardwaj.

The actoe who has starred in several sequels said that “I feel I’m stuck with the sequels. New things are better. Sequels are big risks. The expectations are way high because you have already put a benchmark for yourself, now you are competing with yourself and at the same time, you can’t overdo. You have to still be in the same zone and still make people like it.” Time will tell if the sequel will be just as Arshad Warsi describes it.

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