Bhushan does let his emotions rule his career

Mumbai: Bhushan Kumar worked very hard last year to release straight on DVD his film “Kajraare” after putting it in the theaters just as a formality for a couple of days only. Now, 2011 is here, and the preparations for his “Patiala House” are on set. Bhushan is the co-producer of the film, and the he feels the promotion for the film must be very intense and kick in hard.

The promotion started with the music albums. The albums themselves will bring producers some high profits, and will also get the audience in the rhythm. In an official statement, Bhushan said he doesn’t get emotionally attached to his films, and it is the same when it comes to music.

The producer says he doesn’t need to ask anyone to analyze his work, as he knows what he can do and he is confident he has the judgment power to reach success. One of the reasons he is so successful is that he does not cry when a film fails, but analyzes what went wrong and moves on.

Bhushan’s company, T-Series will be releasing “Ready” somewhere during the summer this year.

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