Big promotion for “Yamla Pagla Deewana”

New Delhi: The promotion for the film “Yamla Pgla Deewana” moved to Delhi, with cast and all. And, naturally, all the actors had to be in front of the press and answer some questions. Surprisingly, there were no cold wars to start between the actors. In fact, they were a bit too happy to be there all together. Then again, the cast did include Dharmendra and his two sons, Sunny and Bobby.

One of the most asked questions was whether Mukul Dev was a villain, but Sunny denied, saying that he was just a Jat, like the rest. Mukul leaves the impression of a villain due to his long hair and beard.

Gurucharan Singh was also present at the event, but no one seem to be noticing that, as he was asked not even one question throughout the entire session. Kulraj Randhawa was asked only one question: ‘Who is the best Deol?’ The best seems to be Dharamji.

The actors seem to be working harder than usual to promote this film, but as Sunny said, if they don’t promote it, it may not be successful.

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