Censor Board face Tibet fury over Rockstar

Mind your deeds as it can backfire on you. Well, something similar has happened to Censor Board as it has received lot of criticism and displeasure over the edit that they decided to make in Rockstar movie. The movie Rockstar has already run into various controversies and finally few days ago when Censor Board was watching the movie they asked director Imtiaz Ali to edit the scene where Free Tibet slogan is visible along with Tibetan flag. The director was okay with the cut but this has only added fuel to the fire because Tibetan activists are really upset that the flag was chopped off from the vital scene. 

Tibetan activists and many students from Tibet met at the Press Club in Mumbai where they also brought many students from Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) to express their displeasure over the scene that was chopped off by the Censor Board. The meeting was headed by famous Tibetan writer and activist Tenzin Tsundue who met with the CEO of the Censor Board, Pankaja Thakur and J.P. Singh who is the Regional Officer. Both the Censor Board officials claim that they have the right to edit any material that can create conflict or misunderstanding or rude relations between India and its neighboring countries. They also mentioned that the scene has been deleted voluntarily by the director.

However, Tsundue objected that director Imtiaz Ali had clearly mentioned that Rockstar is not a political movie and therefore the Tibetan flag should have been in the scene. He added that the Censor Board failed to recognize the importance of that flag in the scene and that the Tibetan community is deeply hurt by this act. He mentioned that Tibet has always had high regards for India because India has always kept better relations with Tibet but such issues and mistakes could only lead to roadblock in the future.

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