Censor Board Unhappy with Aazaan

Many people feel that Censor Board in India is just too rigid to allow creativity shown on screen. There are many cases where Censor Board have come up in the middle of the situation to chop off scenes and words that are very essential in the movie and that could make difference to the audiences who are paying money for some excellent entertainment. This time Censor Board is unhappy with Aazaan as the story writer has used the word China many times in the movie and because movie depicts China as the main enemy for India rather than focusing on Pakistan which is always shown in the bad light. 

The Censor Board feels that using the word China too many times in the movie and showing China as the main enemy for India will only ruin the political and diplomatic relationships between two nations and even open up more controversies in the future. Many people claim that if the Censor Board is strict about the use of word China then they should also do the same with the word Pakistan. It was first time in Aamir Khan’s Sarfarosh that the word Pakistan was used instead of using Padosi Mulk.

The cast and crew of Aazaan is really not happy with the Censor Board move but they have only one week available for the release and if they battle against Censor Board they might have to postpone their release date like Mausam. Hence, they have agreed with the Censor Board the word China will be muted in the film. Sachiin Joshi said that he was not happy with it but the audiences these days are smart and they can lip read that the mute word is China so it won’t be a big deal for the audiences to understand what the muted word is.

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