Chatur Singh Two Star Review

Comedy is a seriously serious business and therefore we see that directors who are not good at it often end up failing hands down. Directed by Ajay Chandhok, Chatur Singh Two Star is just another Bollywood version of The Pink Panther which stars Sanjay Dutt in the lead role along with Ameesha Patel and Suresh Menon. The movie explores the concept of foolish detective who can make things go right with his idiotic sense of timing and jokes. However, Chatur Singh fails to impress the audiences in any possible way. 

The plot of the story is very simple so there are no guesses here. Chatur Singh (Sanjay Dutt) is the most infamous cop in Mumbai Police Department and everybody knows that. He has a record of ruining up some of the best cases given to him because of his foolish intellect. However, things go wrong for the Mumbai Police Department and they hand over one of the biggest case in the history of the department. This is a perfect chance for Chatur Singh to showcase that he is second to none when it comes to intelligence and bravery and the plot moves ahead.

On the performance level, Sanjay Dutt is not at his best, so it is better that Sanju get back to his Munnabhai performance and make all people smile through some Gandhigiri and medical knowledge. The character that Sanjay Dutt plays in the movie is of complete idiot who can make a mess of every good situation. Here the director is trying to tickle your funny bone but it does not make any sense because the dialogues are not as impressive to make audiences feel better. Suresh Menon along with Sanjay Dutt does some justice to his role and to the script but he cannot help this movie as well because the central character of the movie himself is not strong enough to get the attention of the audience. Ameesha Patel is certainly not made for comedy films and she totally proves that in this movie. She looks odd man out in this movie. Apart from the three lead characters there are others in the movie like Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik and even Shakti Kapoor who have managed to get you some laughs but they couldn’t hold the story together for long time as they have limited screen presence.

Technically, the movie is nothing more than average. Editing by Nitin Rokade is good but could have been better. Cinematography by Rajeev Shrivastava is good and that is the only positive thing in the movie. The music for this film is by Sajid-Wajid but they lack the charm that they add to songs that star Salman so basically nothing works for the movie.  The story by Ajay Chandhok is good but it does not make sense when you see it on screen. Chatur Singh Two Star look like a good recipe which is only half baked and there was a lot that the crew could have done to make this film better. Eventually, will have to say that the title of the movie carries the ratings as well, the two star movie.

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