Clear Weather for Mausam from IAF

Movies that are about to release are bound to get into controversies these days and everything gets sorted out just few moments or days ago. The latest example of this trend is Shahid Kapoor’s Mausam that got entangled in the web of IAF just weeks before the movie was about to release. Last year when the film crew was shooting for the film, IAF decided to take a quick look at the scenes that were shot and as per the information provided by Sheetal Talwar producer of Mausam all the shots were planned and discussed with the Indian Air Force but just few weeks ago IAF decided not to give the No Objection Certificate because they were not happy with few scenes in the movie. 

This raised a lot of questions because producers and distributors of Mausam were in the fix of whether they will be able to release the movie on decided date or not. Today,  there was a meeting between the cast and crew of Mausam with IAF and the Indian Air Force PRO Wing Commander Gerard Galway cleared that they have no objections with the scenes that are shot in the movie.

This controversy actually cost Mausam because the film was also ready to be placed at Toronto International Film Festival but the film missed out because of the IAF controversy and because the NOC was not provided by the IAF. There was a special screening of the movie where Shahid Kapoor and IAF officials were present in New Delhi and IAF rubbished all the earlier media reports that they had any major objections and the film would never come out in September. Speaking to the media about the entire controversy director Pankaj Kapur said that the IAF has cooperate with them entirely and only minor changes will be made. However, this has further extended the release date of the movie to September 23 which means audiences will have to wait a little more.

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