Cow Ruins Mausam Trailer

We have all heard the news that trailers get controversial when they have some gory pictures of some abusive language against some caste, race or creed. However, things are becoming funnier these days. Although, the Censor Board never really rejects trailers but recently it is in the news that the new trailer of Mausam has been rejected by the Censor Board because it has a scene where the cow is passing through. This sounds really ridiculous but this one cow passing scene has actually put brakes to the passing of this trailer by Censor Board. mausam poster

Speaking more about this rejected trailer of Mausam, Censor Board has claimed that every animal scene in the movie has to be approved by the Animal Welfare Board. They further said that the director of Mausam has not provided them with the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for this scene which is the reason why they have rejected the trailer at the moment. Sheetal Talwar, the producer of Mausam is already furious about this and she has decided that she will get the NOC from Animal Welfare Board soon, but Censor Board is adamant that they need the no objection certificate before they could pass the trailer.

This is really becoming a problem for the producers and directors to make better trailers. Before this, Rakht Charitra was also in the same problem when the trailer had some scenes of street dogs. Pankaj Thakur, CEO of the Censor Board said that it is important for them to receive the no objection certificate from the Animal Welfare Board before they could proceed further and allow the trailer to be released. The Bollywood industry is definitely going to go by the book but they are certainly not happy that their trailers are being held back by Censor Board just for the sake of getting the no objection certificate.

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