Damadamm Gets Good Public Response

In Bollywood things can really go topsy turvy all the time and it has happened once again where people are enjoying Damadamm better than the multi-crore SRK starrer Ra One. When promos of Damadamm came up on the television most people believed that the movie is just another flop from Himesh Reshammiya and that it will go down the drain but it has worked for the actor as well as for the producers. Although, Damadamm has very few shows and it has virtually no competition to Ra One there are people who are going in to watch this movie. 

The movie is a very low budget movie and it cost around 3 crores that has already been covered. This means that the producers have already got their money back through satellite and through sale of music. To make it even better, the positive word of mouth is working wonders for the movie and there are more people flocking in to see Himesh doing some Damadamm performance. As per the box office collections, Damadamm has managed to get more than 2 crores this weekend and there are more people buying tickets to watch this movie.

One of the main reasons why people are enjoying this movie is because it has a simple story which is very similar to that of Hrishikesh Mukherjee in the past. On the other hand, people are appreciating the performances by Purbi Joshi and therefore it makes a deadly impact for the cast and crew who might have never expected such response from the audiences. Many film critics have also provided better ratings to the movie which is helping the business of the movie. It looks like that this small budget movie is really going to run into profits if things go on the same way this weekend as well.

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