Dangerous Ishq Movie Review – Details

Movie Title – Dangerous Ishhq

Film Critic: Nayandeep Rakshit

Star Cast – Karisma Kapoor, Rajneesh Duggal, Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta, Ruslan Mumtaz, Ravi Kissen, Gracy Singh.

Director – Vikram Bhatt

Producer – Reliance Entertainment

Story by – Amin Hajee

Music Director – Himmesh Reshammiya

Music Label: T-Series

Distributed by – Reliance Entertainment
Dar Motion Pictures
BVG Films Present

Genre – Suspense Thriller

[xrr rating=3/5]

While 2010 was the year of the Sequels, the previous year was enveloped with Clashes of the Titans all the year around. But this year belongs to a completely different Genre; one which has been catapulted to great heights by the recently released Vidya Balan starrer ‘Kahaani’ under Sujoy Ghosh’s Boundscript Productions. Yes, 2012 is definitely the year of suspense and sci-fi thrillers. With Kahaani already being labeled and acclaimed as the best Indian suspense thriller made, there is huge euphoria surrounding Aamir Khan’s top cop act reprisal in his next, ‘Talaash’. Of the others, the one that released today is Karisma Kapoor’s comeback film of sorts: Dangerous Ishhq. Though the movie undoubtedly and expectedly fell quite short of being another Kahaani, the movie as a whole has been a roller coaster ride: exciting at parts and a little too dragged in some.

Right away you are drawn into the lives of Sanjana and Rohan, the two love birds who undoubtedly does not want any formalities in the relation. Sanjana, a super model gets her long lived dream of making a dream debut in Paris fulfilled as Rohan is left broken at the news of her leaving the nation and him for a year. Five minutes into the movie and you know it is going to be the same old story of separation and then engagement. But Vikram Bhatt spins it out the other way round this time. And here he surely triumphs as the next scene takes everyone by surprise where Sanjana (Karisma Kapoor) decides to quit her ambitious hugely awaited Paris stint to be with her love. Reason? She feels its time for them to get married and if she leaves him, she might never get him back. Well the same dialogue is repeated a number of times in the movie but in different dialects. The connection between her past and the present, silly!

Havoc strikes as a gang of abductors kidnap Rohan (Rajneesh Duggal) leaving his lady love stunned and devastated. While she regains back her senses, she finds herself in midst of a riot which in turn forces her to resurrect her Life. Meanwhile, enter ACP Bharghav Singh played by the suave and uber cool Jimmy Shergill who is in charge of the Rohan Thackral kidnapping case. Few moments later and an insult from Rohan’s parents later, Sanjana seems lost as everything seems to be at a complete loss. The angst and pangs of worry becomes palpable even more as Sanjana reads out Urdu effortlessly without even a proper training. This in turn forces Neetu (Divya Dutta), Sanjana’s doctor friend to take her to a psychiatrist who regress Sanjana into her past Life.

A story that spans over Three Lifetimes and over five centuries, each story and life brings in an underlying connection with Rohan’s kidnapping case and soon Sanjana’s imagination gets infused into Reality where she categorically explains the entire plot with proper references to her and Rohan’s past life. Three lifetimes and yet the lovers could not meet. Would the same thing happen this time too? There lies the punch and the pump.

If the film clicks with the audience, it will be majorly due to three reasons. First and foremost, the film has got an exciting and gripping plot which is sequenced effectively. The connections between Sanjana’s past life and her present that the director makes are apt and near perfection. Though the story is a little too boring and stretched at parts, the way it is emulsified at the end with the present scenario is commendable. Secondly, the movie touted as Karisma Kapoor’s comeback definitely belongs to her as she excels on screen. Her mystifying beauty is captured through every Era that she dons with immense conviction. While some thought that the six years sabbatical might have affected the diva’s acting prowess, one would be surprised to have their favourite actress make a breath-taking comeback with a sensationally crafted film. From Sanjana to Geeta and from Paro to Salma, Karisma is bewitching as the lead in the film. The first few scenes might let you down but her expressive emotions that once made million hearts skip many beats takes you through the next two hours with eased comfort. All we could say is our lovely Lolo is back and how!

Plus, Jimmy Shergill as the cop is fetching and plays his part well. One of the most under rated actors of today, Shergill, who won critical acclaim with films like ‘A Wednesday’ and ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster’ races towards glory with this one. Little but meaningful is what can sum up Divya Dutta’s role in the film. As the best buddy and friend to the lead heroine, Divya as usual is top notch in her supporting role. Other members of the supporting crew including Ruslan Mumtaz, Arya Babbar, Ravi Kishan, Gracy Singh have very little to do and hence there is nothing noteworthy to be mentioned about them either. The songs on the other hand are mostly soft soulful melodies that melt in your ears and enhance the love story that the film is all about. Himmesh Reshammiya took a different route this time and kudos for that!

Along with the ups, there have been many warts that hinder the pace of the film. The major flaw of the film was the unwanted and over exaggeration of Rohan’s character. Rajneesh fumbles every now and then and needs to work on his dialogue delivery and screen presence. The only thing he does convincingly for most part of the movie is sit tied to a chair. Thank god, the director spared us from the horror. The movie, at over 2 and half hours seems very long and stretched. The past lives, shown in three different Eras are a little too traditional for a commercially viable. The scenes lack the spunk, the dialogues lack the verve. But just when you might feel bored watching the same age old Mughal systems and Muslim riots; they bring you back to the present with a new twist every now and then. The 3D version is definitely going to pack in few more punches as there are moments which provides you with an adrenaline rush. While few scenes look gorgeous in the three dimensional space, there are other scenes which is just blood and gore. That certainly works but whether it can save the film is something that only time can say.

Final Verdict:  A Dangerously scripted delicious thriller that packs in the right punch at the right time. Go without expecting much and you get bombarded with a powerful plot. But if you expect too much from this half-baked thriller, you might just end up ruining even the little surprise that the film offers on the platter. Even though the film doesn’t work, Karisma does and so does her charm! True that!

Movie Details:

‘Dangerous Ishq’ is a special film as it marks the return of actress Karisma Kapoor to the film-making industry after a gap of many years. The film is being directed by Vikram Bhatt, and is a supernatural thriller film in 3D. His last film, Haunted, was also in 3D.

The film stars Rajneesh Duggal opposite Karisma. Rajneesh was seen in thriller film ‘1920’. Other stars who will be seen in the film include Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutta, Ruslaan Mumtaz and Arya Babbar.

The film will be narrated by Karisma herself. Himesh Reshammiya has scored the music for the film. The shooting of the film began on 7th September 2011, and is supposed to release on 11th May 2012.

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