Darshan’s new flick “Bul Bul”

Mumbai: The productions for a new intriguing and fascinating film are about to start. Entitled “Bul Bul”, the new film is the project of Darshan, and, of course, it has been settled for quite some time that the director will his brother, Dinakar Toogudeepa (no surprise here.) The two make a good team together, and we are eager to see what else the great pair will be surprising us with.

Dinakar will not be alone in his directorial experience, but will have some help from M.D. Sreedhar, and a group of the best technicians out there. The title comes from “Bangari Yaare Nee Bul Bul”, reminding us of the smashing hit “Gaja”, another one of Darshan’s films. It was one of the most popular songs of the film. For the title of the film, Darshan only chose the last two words of the song.

The entire story which stands at the base of the upcoming film matches the title perfectly, or the director M.D. Darshan says. It will be a remake after “Darling”, and Darshan will not be paid anything for this film.

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