Desi Boyz in Copyright Row

When we take a quick look at some of the movies in Bollywood we know that they are being copied from other Hollywood movies and therefore there is nothing original in it. It is sad that most of the directors today are only picking up stories that they feel they can remake which is why most of the movies today are South Indian remakes. A few days ago Ra One went through certain copyright violation problems and now its times for Desi Boyz.

Desi Boyz is directorial debut for Rohit Dhawan and many people were looking forward to this movie that stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham along with Deepika Padukone. This will be the second time that John and Akshay will be together after Garam Masala and they are going to storm the silver screen, but even before they could make some noise Latur based writer Shyam Devkatte came up with copyright violation case which claims that the Rohit Dhawan has stole the idea to make the movie.

According to the case, Devkatte claims that the title Desi Boyz was registered by him with the Film Writers Association in 2009 and that he early shared the script with Rohit Dhawan’s assistant to make a break through. However, the assistant might have leaked the idea with Rohit Dhawan and they have made a movie out of it. Devkatte has filed a police complain at Amboli police station and filed a petition in the High Court demanding appropriate compensation. Devkatte said that he was really shocked when he saw the promo of Desi Boyz for the first time on the TV and he tried to contact Rohit Dhawan but instead he was abused and threatened by some other person. The case might delay the release of the movie but it all depends on the Mumbai High Court now.

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