Dhak Dhak Lady Likes Hrithik Roshan

These past few days actor Hrithik Roshan has been quite excited due to the fact that Dhak Dhak Lady, Madhuri Dixit Nene spoke very high about his acting skills. Her first movie seen after coming to Mumbai was none other the ‘Guzaarish’ directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Very reliable sources state that after Madhuri saw the movie she called the actor to congratulate him on his remarkable performance in the film ‘Guzaarish’. The two of them chatted on the phone for over 20 minutes. Madhuri told that the character played by Hrithik Roshan was by far the most complicated part of the movie, but still it was played impeccable. Everything, from his eyes expression, to his body language impressed Madhuri very much. Furthermore the emotion showed were mind blowing.

Madhuri also insisted that Hrithik is very gifted actor and that he should not even thing about retiring. In the movie the actors plays the part of a quadriplegic. Therefore it is rather difficult to do such a role due to the fact that there is no body language.

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