Do mainstream Indian films exaggerate gay characters?

In recent times, a popular social networking site has introduced gay and lesbian icons, to pay respect to same sex marriage, it’s a step against homophobia. But back home, in India, particularly in mainstream Bollywood films, gay characterisation is typically done, to insert some funny elements in the films. Recently we saw in “Bol Bachchan” a gay brother of Abhishek Bachchan in the film, where the character has got “Dostana” touches added to it.

In upocming movies namely “Student Of The Year” Rishi Kapoor will be portraying gay character onscreen while in “Ban Gayi Baat” we can Gulshan Grover turned into a gay. Gulshan says that the film is for family viewing and his character is funny. Though its funny, its by no means derogatory explains Gulshan Grover. He is having dual roles in the film, one of a straight college professor, and the other of a gay choreographer. He says he respects the particular community and his some of his own friends who are very successful in their own friends are gays.

According to Gulshan Grover, the different body language of the gay and their way of talking is unusual and one might find it funny, but actually it is not so. He recalled an incident when the news that he will be playing a role of a gay for the upcoming film surfaced, he got a hate mail from an acquaintance. He says out of India situation is different. Laws are strict, and people accepts homosexuality in a better way. But in India, generally in mainstream flicks, gays are not always seen. That’s why often the characteristics of gay personalities are exaggerated.

Filmmaker Onir who recently won the National Award for “I Am” which revolves around gay community says that its unfortunate that in India people cant respect diversity, while in Berlin on his recent visit to the Christopher Street, he saw 5,00,000 people taking pride in being homosexual.

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