Dolly Bindra inspired ‘Bhaag D.K. Bose’

Mumbai: All those that really liked or even disliked Dolly Bindra, the well known star of the television show Bigg Boss 4, can be interested in this juicy gossip. From what we have been able to find out, it appears that Delhi Belly’s super hit item number Bhaag D K Bose was inspired by none other than the controversial Dolly Bindra.

As you may remember, the star from the popular television reality show Bigg Boss 4, usually hurled and abused at her colleague housemates, and more than often used words such as Bose D K. according to our source, it seems that when the team of Delhi Belly decided to take a break while they were busy with the editing of the movie production, they zapped the channels and simply happened to come across Dolly Bindra in one of the episodes of the TV show.

Soon after this, the subject became one of laughter, but also inspiration for the team. Apparenlty the team started to watch her on regular bases and that is just how her pet word managed to catch everyone’s attention and the idea for the item number was conceived.

When asked to comment this latest buzz, the scriptwriter of the movie, Akshat Verma said that “We all liked the keyword of our song Bhaag DK Bose; it’s very catchy and is part of the main vocabulary of today’s youth and fitted our song and story concept just right.” So the keyword and the idea of the item number in question got an instant nod from everyone on the team. As you know, Ram Sampat composed the song and performed it in a grunge rock style.

Well, who would have thought that the controversial star form Bigg Boss 4, none other than Dolly Bindra will become the source of inspiration for Delhi Belly?

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