Don 2 Gets Legal Notice

When the time is not right, nothing goes the way you want it and SRK must be really feeling the pressure these days. He recently released his magnum opus movie Ra One which did not receive the kind of appreciation that it should because of the mixed reviews but SRK has moved on and he is working on his next movie that is about to hit the cinema halls in December. Don 2 will be released on December 23 and Shahrukh Khan is already working for the promotion and marketing of the film. However, amidst all that Don 2 has run into troubled waters. 

Nariman Films, the original producers of Don (1978) that starred Amitabh Bachchan have slapped a legal notice to the producers Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Shahrukh Khan claiming that they had only provided the right for making the remake of the original Don and not for the sequel. This means that the producers, Excel Entertainment can be charge with copyright infringement. Nariman Films mentioned that they had only provided the rights for making the remake of the original Don but Excel Entertainment never thought of asking the permission or renewing or extending the agreement to make the sequel.

On the other hand, Nariman Films have also mentioned that the title Don 2 has already been registered with Nariman Films in 2005 and that Excel Entertainment never thought of asking for the permission of using the title. So far there is no word from SRK or Farhan Akhtar or any spokesperson of Excel Entertainment. However, one thing is for sure that they will work out the matter legally to ensure that all paper work is done on time. Don 2 is slated for release on Christmas and therefore producers still have all the time in the world to push this under the carpet.

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