“Don 2″ great dialogue

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is almost sure that his next film, “Don 2”, will be a real hit, mostly due to the amazing dialogue written for the film. And we bring you some inside details about it.

mere dushman samajh rahe the ki main ab kabhi laut kar na aaunga

ek gumnami ka samundar hai usi doob kar rehjaunga

abhi baaki meri kahani hai saari duniya ko jo sunani hai

dekho main hoon kon

aa raha hoon palat kar dekho main hoon DON

ab mujhe koi nahi rok sakta

[flv:http://www.bollygraph.com/video/Don-2-Official-Trailer.flv 560 345]

The famous line of the King in the first part “Don Ke Dushman Ki Sabse Badi Galti Yeh Hai, Ki Woh Don Ka Dushman Hai” will be repeated in the sequel. Considering the fact that Don is getting much rougher and tougher in the sequel, we are really eager to see the film.

We all know that Bollywood has special relationships with each of the dialogues in the films, but this specific phrase that came out of SRK in the film “Don” could not have done better, becoming the phrase of the nation, being known even by those who have not seen the film, and even convincing people to come see the film.

What is there more to say? We hope that the actor will caught up more such phrases, and signs indicate to a successful sequel for the film.

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