“Dream Sequence”…just a dream

Mumbai: “Dream Sequence” was a special project, which was to be produced by Ektaa Kapoor and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Well, much happened since this talks, and the film ended up to just a project. Now Ekta and Vishal are both working on their own projects, abandoning “Dream Sequence”.

The film had even casted two stars for the lead roles, Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan, but after all the issues that had arose in the meantime, the two found themselves signing with different films, forgetting all about “Dream Sequence”.

And then, something changed. Abhay Deol was casted in the film. The plot is much like that of “Inception”, became, in the end, a big budget film, and Ektaa struggled too hard to get A-league actors to perform in the film, especially since there is no guarantee of success.

At least things are well between Vishal and Ektaa. The two are professionals and understand the risks, and Ektaa even took Vishal’s assistant to direct a film. “Dream Sequence” has been put aside for the moment, but the two will surely work together, when a project will come up.

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