Ek Chalis Ki Last Local Sequel Possibility

Bollywood is more popular for action and louder than life movies, but there are some movies which are very different and they make a huge impact on the minds of audiences that love different cinema which is very realistic and avoids all louder than life scenarios that sometimes look awkwardly funny. Four years ago, when most directors were busy making romantic and action movies, Sanjay Khanduri decided to step out of the trend and made a comic thriller which received excellent response from the audiences as well as critics. The movie might not have been considered as hit but it certainly got popular through word of mouth publicity. ek chalis ki last local

As per the news circling around it has been revealed that the director is now all set to make a sequel to this movie. For last many years, Sanjay has been working on the script for the sequel and will be coming out with the announcement soon. However, at the moment Sanjay has not announced officially about the making of a sequel for Ek Chalis Ki Last Local. Insiders claim that the director is keen on making a sequel on a larger scale which is required as per the need of the story.

It is also rumored that the story will have lot of turns and thrills like the initial movie and it will have more humor that will ensure that audience feel happy throughout the movie. Many insiders also claim that the sequel will move the story to Delhi and therefore the entire shooting will happen in Delhi unlike the first story which is totally Mumbai-based plot. Abhay Deol is likely to reprise his role in the sequel as well, but the second story provides more importance to the female character as she takes the charge so this should definitely impress Neha Dhupia to reprise her role as well.

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