Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012) Movie Review –Details

Movie Title: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Star Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Imran Khan, Boman Irani, Randhir Kapoor, Ram Kapoor, Ratna Pathak Shah

Director: Shakun Batra

Producer: Karan Johar, Ronnie Screwwala

Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Genre: Romantic Comedy

[xrr rating=4/5]


The well-in-talks movie ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ is out in theaters now. Bollywood industry is laced with endless romantic movies and the churning out of these flicks keep on happening on the Indian cinematic abode. Audience love to watch the love sagas on screen. Majority of these kinds of films are being chewed on the same time and tested formulas. Many a time we witness the same age-old formulaic subjects on celluloid, which is why we get bored. And it happens in Bollywood that the moviegoers turn down the romantic flicks made on the routine themes.

Karan Johar, the producer of this film, confers the chances to the new directors to showcase their skills of execution at his junction. Johar this time around gives the mammoth chance to the first time director Shakun Batra, who supremely displays his histrionics on screen. Shakun, though using the big screen for the first time, brings the novelty to the subject of direction that appeals to the cinegoers. Batra tosses away the routine formula of heavy drama widely used in Bollywood movies and instead make the movie lively and vivacious that directly talks to the viewers. And that’s the beauty of this outing!

Batra’s Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu seems to be walking on the lines of Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met but these are just a bit shadows, which develop into the minds of the viewers while watching the flick. In actual, the movie is neither a copy of any flick nor it borrows any idea from any project. The writers and the director make it an utter different and novel enterprise to dish out for the pleasures of the entertainment thirsty cinema buffs.

The movie though is a final product for the youngsters due to its lively and energetic plot but the older generation too can equally entertain with this offering of Shakun Batra. Often a good friendship turns into romance which then culminates into marriage but what happens when you get married by mistake? This is the storyline of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu where two persons bump into each other and land into marriage by mistake that brings the turning point in both persons’ lives.

The film is a present day romance depicted well on screen. The writers have really made the story super alluring and novel where a guy lives his life on the lines of his parents and then a girl hits his life and changes his utter perspective towards the lively things life offers.

Shakun is a brilliant story-teller and he proves it on celluloid. There is no sign of yawning in the auditorium as the viewers find themselves fixed on the screen from the initial reels to the climax of the movie.  Very intelligently made film, it lets you sail through the pleasures all the way.

Rahul (Imran Khan) goes on the lines on his parents (Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak Shah) to spend the life. He is an architect in Las Vegas and loses his job. Getting afraid, he now hides the fact from his parents. He tries to find another job. Destiny makes him meet Riana (Kareena Kapoor). She is a hairstylist and vivacious and bubbly by nature. She is totally different from Rahul.  The events happen between them take both of them to meet up on the eve of Christmas over drinks. Post the night of dissipation, both wake up and explore that they are married. Now Rahul is more afraid, as he has to hide two truths from his parents – job loss and marriage. Now they both plan to null and void the marriage and reach at the court and get the appointment in 10 days. Unlikely friendship takes place between the two over the coming ten days which are filled with laughs, interesting moments and arguments between the two.

The movie is set in the urban cities of Las Vegas and Mumbai and the eye-candy locales of the cities arrest the breath. Shakun does not waste the time and makes the introduction of the leading characters of the movie and then starts making his focus on the two main characters – Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The direction of Shakun is simply awesome and intelligently done. The first half of the film is swathed with many important frames which inject pleasures into the souls of the audience. Post interval portion shows of the actual saga of the movie that is attention binding. The film shifts to India (Mumbai) where the twist emerges. The entire movie is well executed but the three sequences let you salute the director, as they are classily picturised – When Rahul (Imran Khan) confronts his parents, outbreak at dinner table and the climax of the movie.

The writers of the film – Ayesha Devitre and Shakun Batra deserve the brownie points for making such a different, unique and attention-grabbing script. Their story is really an out of the box idea. The cinematography of the movie is a work of class. The locales of Las Vegas and Mumbai have been captured with aplomb. Editing is crispy and deserves full marks. Music of the film by Amit Trivedi is superlative and spongy.

Imran Khan shows his class in this film. Enacting brilliantly in front of your senior actress (Kareena Kapoor) was not that easy for him but he did not show any sign of being Kareena’s junior. Kareena Kapoor loots the scene with her usual luminous acting prowess. Her lively character injects soothing pleasures into the souls of the viewers. Kareena can now wait for the best actress award for this performance. Boman Irani is fabulous. Ratna Pathak Shah is great to watch. Sonia Mehra is interesting to view in cameo role. Ram Kapoor is wonderful. Rest of the cast impresses as well.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is a treat for the lovers. Laced with the novel and livewire script, brilliant direction and energetic performance, the movie is a true gift to make your Valentine’s Day super rich and alluring.


Review By Mukul Kumar Sharma:

[xrr rating=4/5]

Welcome valentine’s week and its love all around. With the multitude of days like the rose, chocolate and god knows what date, you might be looking out for a good change. If you have been awaiting the release of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, trust me there can be no better time than the valentine’s week to watch this amazing rom-com. The movie it seems brings in a present day romance at its best. Punch it together with a string of melodies and you get the perfect recipe for a hit.

What you have often witnessed in Bollywood movies is the protagonist putting his heart and soul to woo their beloved. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu brings in a fresh breeze of change. Ever seen a Bollywood couple getting married by mistake? Add to it no effort from either of the partners and this definitely is a new story. So what’s your take on the continuation of friendship to love and finally marriage? Whatever it is, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu starts the other way round.

Though many a film buffs might get reminded of movies like “What happened in Vegas” and “Reccien Cazado”, the movie is no remake of either. If you have preconceived notion about the movies being an adaptation spill them out. Trust me there is no truth in these rumours which actually started thanks to the similar promos of the movie. The story here revolves around two characters one of whom has never taken any decision on his own and another whose life is nothing less than that of a free bird. They say opposites attract. Let’s find out.

Though EK Main Aur Ekk Tu has been classified as a Rom-Com it takes you on a joy ride to something more than a regular Bollywood flick. Shakun Batra has done a fabulous job at his directorial debut and has depicted the story by just the perfect camera angles. The movie is more about one to one interaction than the regular crowded shows in regular Bollywood Rom-Coms. It seems the director took his job on an adventurous trip and trust me when I tell you it was every bit worth the effort.

The character of Rahul (played by Imran Khan) has a perfect life as that of an architect. He seems pretty happy fulfilling his parents (Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak) dreams and following in their footsteps. Everything seemed to be going perfect in his life when all of a sudden he loses his job in Vegas. Devastated he decides to hide the fact from his parents till he finds another job. But fate had another plans in store for the Mama’s boy when he accidently bumps into Riana (played by Kareena Kapoor). Riana is just the opposite of Rahul in every way. The fun loving, witty hairstylist will give you every reason to ‘LOL’ while watching the movie.

They meet over a couple of drinks but the number of drinks keeps expanding with every drink they gulp. It’s soon after this that they get up realizing they are married to each other. Rahul, who has never taken a single decision without his parents’ consent is now in a mess. The loss of his job becomes a trivial issue to the wedding issue now. Both of them go for the only solution available in Vegas. Yes, they decide to annul their wedding. The court asks them to appear before it in ten days’ time and the movie revolves around those very ten days.

The two of them share great moments of fun and wildness in the next ten days. The result: The most unlikely of friendship springs up between the two of them. One does not help but wonder will this friendship emerge into love and whether it will go on all the way to a real wedding.

The movie which is set up in the backdrop of urban culture has been shot in Las Vegas and Mumbai. It is every bit a very multiplex types movie and one can compare it to Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met. This is one movie where you cannot be sure of what you are about to witness the next moment. It is way apart from the typical predictable Bollywood stories.

If you consider the music of Ek Main Aur Ek Tu it is very much designed for the urban crowd and does the job it is meant to do. Both the title track and ‘Auntyji’ has already found a huge fan following all across the globe.

Both the actors have done a fabulous job at acting. They have perfectly adapted to the characters meted out for them. Their onscreen chemistry is just perfect and Kareena seems to have brought to life the directors depiction of her. Though Imran has done justice to his role too Kareena’s experience speaks for itself. She has surpassed the Khan in living up to her character in the movie. Imran does seem to be growing more mature with every film and this movie will depict the same.

The small supporting cast has done a fabulous job too. Be it Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak Shah, Ram Kapoor or Sonia Mehra, they are all a treat to watch on screen.

The movie meets the expectations of the masses. It is bound to be a huge favourite amongst its target audience, i.e. the younger generations. To classify it as the perfect date movie will not be wrong. Go with an open mind and you will sure come out with a wide grin on your face. Overall, a must watch for one and all.


Details And Preview:

Release Date 10th February, 2012

How many times have we seen the age old story of the boy and girl meeting, becoming friends, falling in love and then getting married beating all odds? Too many times, right? So this time, we get to see what happens when the boy and girl meet, marry and then become friends. Do they fall in love or does the marriage remain to be the best memory they have? To answer this question, one would have to wait till 10th February when Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu finally hits the theatres.

Starring Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan, the film, previously named ‘Short Term Shaadi’, has already generated a considerable amount of interest in the audience. We get to see Imran Khan in the role of Rahul Kapoor, an obsessively serious architect who happens to lose his job in Las Vegas. He plans to remain mum on the topic to his parents and find himself a new job. But what he does find is a quick witted and ultra cool hairstylist Riana Braganza, played by Kareena Kapoor in an unexpected twist of the tale. She is everything that he is not and she believes in living every moment to the fullest. Fate leads them to meet again on Christmas Eve for a few drinks. What happens next is possible only in the city of Vegas; the two down a considerable amount of alcohol and wake up next morning to find that they are married to each other. It takes them ten days to get themselves another appointment for the topic of annulment of the marriage. In these 10 days, they develop a kind of friendship that is nurtured by the many moments they share, of laughing together, arguing and fighting. Whether the friendship turns into love is however left to be seen.

This film is a tribute to the popular saying that: ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’.  This is director Shakun Batra’s first film after working as assistant director on the likes of ‘Rock On’, ‘JaaneTu ya Jaane Na’. What remains to be discovered is whether the director can do justice to this interesting concept.

The music of the film has been done by the National Award winning music director Amit Trivedi of ‘ Wake Up Sid’, ‘Dev D’, ‘Udaan’ and ‘Aisha’ fame.

The lead actress of the film Kareena Kapoor has claimed that this is one of the very best roles that she has ever played. We cannot comment on the role yet, but she is undeniably looking one of her best in recent times. Let’s hope that the film lives up to the many expectations and makes the best of the Valentine’s Day fever and that Kareena delivers a performance that is truly with remembering.


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