Ekta Kapoor uses real bar dancers in her next film!

Ekta Kapoor has never been shy of lending more authenticity to her films be it any how and this time she has gone a step further and used real life bar dancers in her next film Shor In The City to make it more real life.

Apparently in a particular scene, the three lead actors Tusshar, Nukhil and Pitabhash were supposed to visit a bar. To add more reality to that scene the directors Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru got real bar dancers. The logic behind this move is explained by Krishna who said, “We have mostly used real people in our film because the story is largely made up of various small reports we came across in newspapers. But I won’t talk specifically about bar dancers because it’s a very sensitive subject.”

Also to add more credibility, the movie has been shot in dance bars, posh societies and chawls. Krishna confirmed, “Shooting in these locations has been worth it. There is no match for the rawness and energy that real locations offer. And it’s hard to recreate such things on a set. However, if one is shooting on real locations in Mumbai, you have to be made of steel,”


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