Ekta Kapoor wants to re-shoot love scenes for Ragini MMS!

Ekta Kapoor is planning to re-shoot a couple of scenes of her forthcoming film, Ragini MMS, and that includes a kissing and lovemaking scene. After watching the rushes, she believes that that the lead pair, Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motiwala, who were introduced to each other just four days before they started filming, are looking awkward and squeamish throughout the intimate scene.

“A kiss is not just about locking lips. In the film, this couple has been together for eight months and has come to this bungalow to spend time together over the weekend. So the chemistry between my actors can’t be forced. The sex has to look natural and reflect in their body language” the producer reasons.

She adds that the scenes will not be as graphic as those in LSD that also featured Raj Kumar. “I’m offering a peek into the bedroom but I’m not getting pornographic. The intention is not to titillate but shock since it is during this lovemaking scene that the paranormal first makes an appearance. The couple hear someone knocking on the door but when they open it, there’s no one there,” says Ekta.


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